Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summoning Spring & Summer

If no news is good news, then this blog is a testament to everything being splendid.  That, and our inability to perform regular updates, perhaps waiting for something monumental to happen.  Oh look!  There it is...

For Spring Summer 2013 we will be here:

... and we will be here:

World domination is one step closer.  In June we signed with INDUSTRY Publicity to represent the label in the USA.  Simultaneously (as is the way with world domination) we will be showing SS13 with Bureau Seutail in Paris, to join their showroom in Le Marais from August.   It is an exciting step on both counts, and one that will take the label to a new audience.   For the meantime, AW12/13 samples are hanging out with INDUSTRY in NYC, and clocking up 'likes' on the new facebook page: 

Coincidentally, we visited both cities earlier in the year.  Where I holiday, business soon follows.  This can only mean one thing: we must take more holidays.  

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